Types of Lighting Styles




Types of Lighting Styles

  Jun 08, 2020

Bored of how your home looks? Rather than renovating or changing out your furniture, why not simply change up the lighting styles? It’s not only affordable, it’s also fun! Here’s 5 of the best lighting upgrades you can make for your home.

And remember, there’s more to buying lighting than just lamps – look also for a long onsite warranty (vLux has 3 years onsite warranty with free labour and transportation) and impeccable after-sales service (we will respond to you within 48 working hours - ask us for more details).

#5. Panel lights

Want to look really good on Zoom calls? Change out stark, flat fluorescent tubes for panel lights. These are LED lights that come with a light-diffusing panel, to produce a light that is not only great for general illumination, but also soft enough to bring out your best features (while hiding your not so good ones).

#4. Downlights and spotlights

Downlights and spotlights bring shapes and shadows to your general lighting, and turn into intimate ambient lighting when they are dimmed. A great way to change up corridors and open up small spaces!

#3. Pendant/hanging lights

Partly decorative and yet never lacking in the lighting department, hanging lights bring lots of character to every space.

#2. Task lights

Long overlooked because they are meant to be functional, task lights such as reading lamps or work lamps don’t have to purely functional, they can also look great!

#1. Decorative lights

Last of all, decorative lights can be the centerpiece of any room, inspiring conversation as well as moods. Finding the right decorative lighting piece is an enjoyable shopping experience all on its own!

(Featured lights from our Astro collection)