Types of Interior Lightings

  Mar 16, 2020

Generally, there are two types of interior lighting.

General lighting is broad, bright illumination that eliminates most shadows. It is usually flat, hard and single coloured, with excessive glare that can hurt the eyes.

Accent lighting is lighting that uses shadows, textures and shapes to draw attention to specific features of a home, and includes lighting fixtures such as spotlights, downlights or cove lights. It is cosy, subtle, variable in intensity and colours, and can help create conducive mood for relaxing before bedtime.

A well-designed home uses a combination of both general and accent lighting so that the overall effect is never jarring or uncomfortable for sensitive eyes.

Throw in a smart lighting system that integrates both general and accent light sources, and you have a home lighting system that adjusts to your every need and mood for maximum versatility.