What's Smart Lighting?

  Mar 23, 2020

What’s Smart Lighting? In a nutshell, it’s automatic lighting that doesn’t need Tony Stark’s Jarvis to operate. A smart lighting control system usually comes with the following (optional) features:

- An *app* that allows you to manually turn on/off or dim lights without using the actual light switches

- *Motion sensors* that automatically turn on, dim, or turn off lights when no longer needed for energy savings – even if your kids always forget.

- *Lighting schedules* that can be programmed to work in unison with your household’s daily routines, such as setting appropriate lighting for bedtimes and mealtimes. Have insomnia? Set the stage for slumber with automatic light dimming 2 hours before bedtime.

- *Scene Presets* that can set the stage for any occasion. Netflix and chill? Turn down glare and turn up the mood with a ‘Home Theatre’ preset for your living room. Or carve out a reading corner in your kids’ room with an oasis of light so they can vanish into Harry Potter’s world anytime.

- And of course, *tunable colours* that allow you to paint your interiors with all the shades of light imaginable. Prime yourself for productivity at your home office, with automatically brighter warm lighting in the mornings to get your problem-solving juices flowing, that changes to cooler lighting in the afternoon to perk you up when your circadian rhythm starts winding down.

That’s just a taste of what’s infinitely possible with smart lighting control systems. (Note: Pepper Potts not included.)